Letter to my clients

I am emailing you because you are on my schedule for a massage in the next few weeks. I know we just sent a mass email out saying we will stay open; I am sorry to say that for me, that will not be the case.

I plan to suspend my practice for a week or more starting March 13th. This means we will need to reschedule our session(s) for a future date. I will be sending out cancellations notices via our booking system, Full Slate, soon.

I have been monitoring the rise of the coronavirus in the United States and have also been talking with other professionals in my community this past week. We have all been considering the current recommendations for “social distancing” and the other measures we can take to prevent the spread of coronavirus in our community.

Massage therapy is, sadly, not a field in which social distancing is possible.

I work with a number of high-risk clients, many of whom are very worried about the virus. They are already reducing and cancelling non-essential activities outside of their homes — including coming in for massage.

Though I am confident that we practice excellent sanitation and hygiene at our office, and it would seem ideal to be able to get away from the current stresses and worries by getting a massage, I know it would only take contact with one carrier to endanger anyone else who visited us.

Since we do not yet know whether someone can be asymptomatic and still be a carrier of coronavirus, I feel the need to heed the call for social distancing at this time.

If, by doing this, we can prevent even one higher-risk person from contracting the virus, we are doing the right thing.

Once we learn more about how the virus is manifesting in our community and how well we all are doing at identifying and stopping its spread, we can look at rescheduling your massage sessions.

If you would like to continue to support my business during this time of uncertainty, I thank you in advance. I will be making e-gift cards available next week via Square.

I appreciate your understanding. Feel free to reply with any thoughts or further concerns.

Please stay safe and well,



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