A short update

I posted a shorter version of this on my “about” page today.

If you’ve been following along, or even if you haven’t, you’ll notice that I’ve been quite conservative in my re-opening plan for summer 2020. While other folks have bravely forged ahead, and seem to be doing all right so far, I’ve been hanging back, observing, and continuing to learn about how coronavirus impacts massage therapy.

I am learning quite a bit. Lately, we’ve been informed that the likelihood of someone developing the disease from touching surfaces is probably less than we had originally imagined. That is heartening! But, we are also learning about the circulatory effects of the disease, the blood clotting effects, and that is disheartening. Massage therapy is contraindicated when there are blood clotting issues. So, the wait goes on.

I am working over the summer to pivot what I can offer to things that work relatively well in an online format. Obviously, massage therapy isn’t something that I can offer over Zoom. While I miss providing healthy touch something fierce, the time off from working has helped me look at what I find essential about my work, and how it can be considered essential when moving forward in times of uncertainty and unrest.

Restorative yoga, my favorite form to teach and do for myself, will be part of the plan. So will yoga nidra. I’ve offered yoga nidra on my booking site for the last 2 years, but haven’t promoted it strongly. It’s an experience all to itself that can be very relaxing and rejuvenating. I will also finish my Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training in early August and be able to roll that out to you. I am particularly excited about that.

Look for a comprehensive overview of my new offerings on this site by the end of summer. I’ll start scheduling Zoom sessions at that time, and hopefully be returning to a very limited in-person practice as well — in a new space, still TBD.

See you in a little while. Stay strong.


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