Let’s meditate together in 2021

It’s been a long road, coming out of 2020, and February felt like the 14th month of that year, but now, Spring is peeking through the detritus, and I am feeling hopeful for the rest of 2021. (Shh, don’t tell the Universe — she’ll thwap me over the head something fierce… Let’s keep this optimism between us for now, shall we?)

You, yes you, can learn to meditate.

Rather than being some sort of way of blissing or trancing out, mindfulness meditation is exactly as described.

The technique I teach is very simple, non-dogmatic, and can be practiced by anyone who is breathing and has an attention span, no matter how short that span might seem.

There are no specific requirements besides breathing (you’ve got this) and being able to learn how to direct your attention to your breath (which can take practice).

Though the technique is astoundingly simple, we humans always try to make anything we do harder — and therein lies the lifelong challenge of practicing mindfulness meditation.

I am happy to offer this technique via Zoom until we are able to gather in person safely again.

Drop me a line or a voicemail from my contact page.


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