Monday at the garden

We are in the throes of weeding, weeding, weeding. We are also now at safe temperatures to take out old, brittle growth from last year.

The photo I take the most

Three of us got the entry garden almost cleaned out today. If it does not rain tonight/tomorrow, I’ll be back at it.

It’s steady but tedious work but produces nothing interesting-looking besides a bed that’s ready for mulch and plants to reappear. Thus, no need for a photo of what we did. We know we got a lot done.

Some of my dandelion digging disturbed these ants which I haven’t ID’d yet.

An Eastern Meadowlark graced us with a few songs. I stuck my phone in the gravel and stopped digging to record two of them.

The sky, as usual, was astounding.

I need to ID the plant on the left. The right I know — a hemlock from the back of the property. I have asked the University to remove them this year. It always comes back but I hope we can nix it while it’s small. I am glad this isn’t the plant growing up front along the fence line, though. Whew.

My chickens sure do enjoy the fruits of our weeding labors at the garden.

Blue and green eggs, with yolks almost the color of my shirt, thanks to the steady addition of henbit and dandelion these past few weeks.

We are planning an evening (or possibly weekend) social after Easter. Hope to see you all there. Survey coming soon.

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