Misty Tuesday morning

The morning started cool and misty, with a bit of wind but no real threat of rain or strong winds yet.

As usual, the skies were gorgeous and ever-changing.

Two of us continued work on the entrance beds and weeding. But first, a little observation. Something had brought a duck to the prairie to snack on it. No corpse; just feathers.

I tried a new thing since it was sufficiently damp out — flame weeding the small henbit and chickweed in the main perimeter path. I won’t know for a few days if it did any good, and there are still tons of weeds that need to be dug out.

Including these friends. I believe they are a primrose, but biennis, not macrocarpa. Most of them aren’t where they would do the garden any good.

They are occupying the path happily and right now are feeding… something bigger than a beetle. Likely rabbits, though I haven’t looked for pellets.

We compared these leaves (left) with the other Oenothera that is coming up in the small entrance garden (right). There are clear differences in the leaves and how the plants grow. I need to look both up.

We know they aren’t wild lettuce, though, because of the lack of white sap. The lettuce does a good job mimicking the (possible biennis) primrose, though!

Still working on weed ID even though we are pulling these.

They mimic purple poppy mallow (left).

Another cute weed that is blooming now.

The prairie smoke in the border of the large entrance garden is putting up flowers!

And woohoo, the currant is also starting to bloom. Their fantastic fragrance should be apparent starting next week.

One of my favorite little carexes (oak sedge) has quietly been putting out flowers as well.

One thing I worry about with trying flame weeding is disturbing friends like this. Here it’s the small entry garden, where I wouldn’t flame weed because of the mulch. Soon the pussytoes in that garden will be up.

We found one weird weed or root on digging along the edges where the detritus from the macrocarpa was. It looks fungal. I am hoping it isn’t dodder.

Four days of work by a handful of folks (mostly Debbie!) and the large entryway garden is shaping up nicely.

As always, my hens are grateful for the greens.

Sunshine and higher winds set in around noon. Stay safe, everyone. I’ll be back out on Friday.

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