Friday photo dump

Folks were at the garden this last Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. There is a lot getting done.

This weed withered…
…while this came back without a hitch.

Flame weeding was only partially successful. So it’s not something I’m going to do again. The henbit was not affected. So, flame weeding doesn’t get to the root of the problem! (See what I did there? Total dad joke…)

Friday was a great day for digging and transplanting. We moved a couple of grasses and some currants in spite of encountering deep, plastic barriers in some of the spots where we dug.

This transplanted grass looks like it belongs there! We have some folks with great eyes for layout.

Three of us worked on the rest of the large entry garden. It’s shaping up nicely! I actually enjoy laying down mulch.

I love finding bugs and seeing other creatures. Need to ID this one.

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