Tuesday musings

The photo I always try to take at least once while I am at the garden.

Aaaaah! I was so happy to see that someone had done some serious weed removal along this rock border where my flame weeding had quite failed. Thank you so much!

I so enjoy seeing little indicators like this of (human) visitors to the garden.

We continued work inside the fence on the small entry garden as well as starting on two other areas. Fantastic stuff! The plants here are just barely starting to grow. The warm weather these next two weeks will encourage them, I am sure — and us. I was joking on Tuesday that I will miss the chilly winds of April when I am at the garden at 6 AM on an 87° July morning.

The day was all about how beautiful the sky was. Well, that, and mulch. So much mulch!

The rose verbena are just starting to bloom.

In contrast, this is in my mother’s garden in South Lawrence…

… her Golden Alexander and Poppy Mallow are much further along than our gardens north of town, or even in my garden. Microclimates are interesting!

We’ve had a regular visitor of an (at least one, it could be two) Eastern Meadowlark who regales us with song. We also saw astonishing murmurations of blackbirds and a group of Blue Jays passed overhead.

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