Our friend the wind

The day started humid and warm with great clouds and sky.

The basic work of removing weeds continues. It’s now warm enough to take down dried material as well.

This area looks so much better!

One of the biggest jobs this week has been removing the onion-like grass from the calamus. It’s taken many hours, but it’s looking really good now.

The gravel weeding is neverending. The wind really started to pick up around 11 AM.

It is all about the haul for the chickens!

Though we dig dandelions in the beds and along the bed borders, there are plenty, unsprayed, on the property. This is a good time to remind folks that they can be an essential species this time of year for bees, and all parts of the plant have human uses as well.

The sky changes so quickly. Even on a really windy day when it may feel like we are inhaling and wearing more mulch than we are getting onto the beds, it’s a gorgeous place to work. Hope to see you soon.

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