Last Tues in April

May is gearing up to bring lots of work still to do at the garden.

I’ve got a plant in this family in my yard that is actually an invasive weed that I always pull on sight, but I haven’t ID’d this one, which looks intentionally planted in the prairie (because flags?!). Any ideas?

This cute plant finally has a flower on it. It is the celandine poppy! I was surprised to see it where it’s showing up in the garden, because I understood it to be a plant that loved medium to wet soil and shade. It is in more than one very sunny, dry place, however!

In preparation for forecasted rains, we continued to transplant and mulch after IDing and weeding. The transplants have been doing well so far.

I love how we take up space. We have such great volunteers. About six regular folks come out at least once a week if not more. Every weed pulled counts.

There is a gap, though, in supposed enthusiasm about native plants and actual people who come out to work. We are tying to figure this out — hearsay tells me that other gardens that host native plants have a surplus of volunteers most of the time.

Maybe we are too far out of town? Maybe we are too rustic? We do have a porta-potty and access to running water at the hose spigots, but maybe that is too primitive for most folks?

I just don’t know. I need to start asking people and talking about it, though. This garden can’t be maintained by only a half-dozen folks all year. We will burn out. I will burn out. I’ve had that happen before as a coordinator here, and it’s part of why I stepped away in 2019. I want that not to happen again.

Only time will tell.

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