After the rains

The photo I didn’t take today was my usual frame from within the shade structure! But you can see that the sky was pretty awesome to the west.

At home I had left my wheelbarrow out at the start of the rains. My neighbor had asked me to move a rose bush right before the deluge days started. Well, at least the rain washed the detritus and soil out of my wheelbarrow.

I was only at the garden a couple of hours today. Our new Horticulture Assistant came out with our Agent and we did a lot of talking and touring and planning. Good things are afoot. We are lucky to have this power pair on our team. This sedge caught our eye.

This “asparagus-looking plant” is one of our Amsonia! The first-year growth looks different to the older growth. I am glad we got it ID’d.

Also ID’d this happy plant — packera obovata, known as golden groundsel or round-leaf ragwort. It is one of the native plants that carried a slur as a name for decades. I am glad that is changing.

SO happy to see the blooms starting on this wild geranium! This is the one we keep. There is a weedy version that mimics it closely and tends to get in the paths.

Workshop and Saturday workday plans are afoot. Tentative dates are June 11 for a workday, July 9 for a workshop, and September 10th for another workday. There will also be a late fall workshop on seed saving sometime in October.

I’m still looking for at least one other person, hopefully more, to step up into the co-coordinator role with me, but I also need folks to take the lead on different parts of the garden. If you’ve got an area that you love working, you can be its visionary as we work toward the 2023 international tour.

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