Photos from last week

It’s been too wet to be doing much this week at the garden, so here are photos from last Friday.

What a difference just a few weeks makes. The top photo was taken in mid-April. This also shows what diligent weeding and transplanting early in the season can accomplish. The entrance beds are looking good!

The prairie smoke (in the large exterior entry garden) does this after it produces flowers. Gorgeous!

The primrose variety we love to keep (vs the weedy one that attracts Japanese beetles). This area used to be mostly rose verbena and pussytoes.

Even though plants were taken out and moved in this entrance bed, they still love to crowd together. The amsonia was blooming.

We are leaving the poppy mallow to its own devices in the center prairie area. We are starting a larger discussion/observation about which plants love to move and which ones tend to stay where planted. Hopefully we can compile a list from our observations that will be helpful to home gardeners.

This plant in the old north medicinal border surprised me! While we do have some asparagus in the border on the east, this asparagus-like plant that I thought was Amsonia turned out to be a Baptisia! And a pretty one, for sure.

The iris never disappoints in its beauty.

Neither does the sky.

It is coreopsis time in the prairie! Our dye-garden partner has been given to go-ahead to deadhead these for some projects. I think we have enough.

I was beyond delighted to discover where the ground nut had decided to come back this year. It’s intertwined with the Ohio spiderwort in the medicinal herb bed with the big rocks.

Yes, it is reminiscent of bindweed, and had a similar growth habit. But its root is tuberous — and edible — when mature. I plan to create a climbing frame for it out of scrapwood and wire and I have around my house so we can protect it and learn to identify it in future years. It is difficult to transplant.

I was also delighted to see that the buffalo grass at the ends of the prairie is blooming! This is a terrible photo of it, however. (Doesn’t it remind you of another bouteloua?) I have not quite learned how to take accurate close-up photos with my new phone. I may need to dust off the SLR.

On a funny note, some wandering Ohio spiderwort that I had dug up more than a week before was happily blooming on my back porch at home — still the bag!

Last Friday was a fantastic day for volunteers. I thank everyone who came out to the garden and worked. We met with Kelly and the interns from the University. Everyone is enthusiastic to work at the garden this year. I am grateful for all of you!

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