About my practice

An update about my practice:

If you’ve been following along, or even if you haven’t, you’ll notice that I’ve been quite conservative in my re-opening plan for summer 2020.

I am working over the summer to pivot what I can offer to people to things that work well in an online format. Obviously, massage therapy isn’t something that I can offer over Zoom. While I miss providing healthy touch something fierce, the time off from working has helped me look at what I find essential about my work, and how it can still be essential moving forwards in times of uncertainty.

Look for some new offerings coming soon to this site. I hope that you will be inspired by them and that you will enjoy them.

(June, 2020)


2020, the year of the coronavirus, would have been year 30 of my practice.

I suspended my work on March 13th, 2020 because of my increasing concerns about both community and direct spread of the virus. Six months after this virus (as I write this) appeared in humans, we still do not know enough about how it manifests and how it sickens and kills people for me to be able to return to practice safely.

Please see my letter to my clients in the blog post: https://alisondishinger.com/2020/05/11/an-update-for-my-clients/

I will see you sometime after the next few waves of this virus subside, and we hopefully have a vaccine for it.

(May, 2020)


Compassionate touch and client education are my passion.

I finished an Oncology Massage program in 2018 and have been implementing those practices and finding wonderful clients by referral.

I work primarily in an integrative style, using various Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular, muscle energy technique, structural, connective tissue, and energetic approaches along with Reiki.

My goals are to ease physical discomfort, educate and enlighten about biomechanics and movement in daily life, promote relaxation and stress relief, and help get people back to doing the things they love to do comfortably and happily.

We live in exciting times in which the sacred cows of massage therapy are summarily being tipped over. Evidence-based practice is the massage of the future. Massage research is nascent, but growing. Massage might not “flush toxins” or “increase immunity”, and it definitely doesn’t “reduce cellulite”, but massage does cause positive, helpful changes that can make a difference in stress and anxiety levels.

I invite you to get in touch if you’re in the Lawrence, Kansas area and are looking for a stable, reliable, experienced therapist.

Alison Dishinger, LMT, CYT

To schedule:

Call or text: 720-336-1037

Email: awdishinger@gmail.com