2020: The Sequel

I am so, so close to being able to open my home office. So close!

But close does not mean finished and ready, even though most of society seems raring to go like a pandemic never happened.

The project in the garage has taken months longer than I expected (the bottleneck is currently me, plus a little bit of plumbing, which I can’t do) and I was never able to get the changes to my house done that I wanted to get done. Second bathroom? Pipe dream. Not going to happen.


Working with what I’ve got and making the best of it is still a slow process, even though everything is now opening back up again like the roaring twenties.

I have been doing home calls, but those take much more time than when clients visit me at my office. There are physical and time constraints to doing home calls that cannot be gamed or eliminated. They simply take longer. I’ve calculated them at about twice as long as it takes to set up, effect, and re-set an office visit.

I am still wearing a mask when I work, even though I and my clients are all fully vaccinated and in spite of the newest updates from the CDC. I’ve found working in a mask to be not a big deal at all, and it staves off one of my own pet peeves — being breathed on when getting a massage. The mask means I don’t breathe on clients! Yay!

I am convinced that masking helped reduce the spread of other contagions this winter and spring as well. That and heightened sanitation and hand washing. While I have always practiced good sanitation and hand hygiene as a massage therapist, masks add one more level of courtesy and protection. It may turn out that I keep wearing mine, even when clients do not.

So, what’s new that’s actually working? Something exciting is in the works!

I am helping host a return to nature and gatherings mini-retreat south of town this June. It will be a great way for folks to get back into the swing of attending classes in person, I think. We’ll be outdoors, and I’ll lead a mindfulness meditation class in which I teach the meditation techniques that I work with. You won’t find a better deal on this specific meditation instruction, plus we will have all sorts of other wonderful classes and activities going on that day.

Look to this blog and for further information and our social media contacts, but save the date now: Sunday, June 13th.