Some like it hot

This change in the weather is something that takes getting used to. I don’t prefer “face sweat” season.

I am starting to see butterflies!

I think this might be a Pearl Crescent. it was absolutely tiny. That is a dandelion head for scale.

Even with the soaring temperatures, we had good cloud cover for a few hours.

I am still trying to ID this plant. It’s got a square stem and looks like it’s in the Monarda family, but I have no clue.

This weedy plant is everywhere.

It can be IDd by its growth pattern and purpleish stems.

It differs from the geranium maculatum, which is a plant we want to keep.

That geranium has a completely different growth pattern and no purple on the stems.

Something has been eating the catnip!

It’s both humorous and frustrating how some plants like to clump together in areas where they weren’t planted together.

Weeds also do this. Ughhh

On the subject of weeds, the east fence really needs some focus. 

You can see here the area to the left (south) where I have mulched, which is where I attacked the pokeweed. there is still so much to do in this bed!

This invasive grass is starting to go to seed in every place where we haven’t gotten to it.

Now for something beautiful. The comfrey is blooming!

Bee butts are awesome.

Bumblebees are the best!

But the highlight of the morning was seeing a clearwing hummingbird moth feeding on the rose verbena along the North edge of the garden. This is in slo-mo and you can still barely see the wings!

Never a dull moment here.