COVID-conscious Massage Therapy and Bodywork

New Location, Updated Pricing, and continued COVID protocols, March 2023

Welcome to The Bungalow at Pines!

This cottage in front of Pines Garden Center in North Lawrence had been a family home for over 100 years. It now houses a variety of wellness practitioners, including my massage therapy practice. I look forward to welcoming you back to my new-to-me office in 2023.

A note about COVID-19 protocols (please read):

In order for me to maintain an ethical and safe practice in which my most at-risk clients can continue safely to receive bodywork, I wear an N95 mask when I am in session. I also run a HEPA and UV air filter in the treatment room. I practice universal precautions and all surfaces are sanitized after each session, even though COVID is airborne and not usually spread through fomites.

I request that every client wear a mask while we are face-to-face and in session. I can provide a procedure mask to you before you enter the massage space. If you would prefer to wear an N95, KN95, or other multi-layer mask brought from home, please feel free to have that with you for your session.

Simply put: I do not share air. (Not even with my extended family. You can ask them!) If you’re a stats nerd like me, please check out this customizable chart about mask types and risk: and if you’re really into numbers, this website has customizable animations regarding transmission:

If the courtesy of wearing a mask for an hour or more during your session is potentially a personal (or political) problem for you, then you and I are simply not a good match as therapist and client. If you have a medical reason for being unable to wear a mask, as some of my highest-risk clients do, we will have a conversation about this ahead of time, should you still wish to schedule with me.

You will be asked to answer specific COVID-19 questions when you fill out your intake form and every time you attend a session.

As always, if you are feeling the slightest bit unwell, have a fever or any new symptom, or have had direct contact with any case of suspected or confirmed COVID-19, I ask that you NOT ATTEND your session and reschedule to a later date.

Currently I do not charge a cancellation fee for anyone who must cancel due to unexpected illness or contact with a confirmed case of COVID. I would rather you not come in than risk my health and the health of my other clients. Massage isn’t fun to receive when you’re sick, anyway!

Thank you for understanding.

Sessions and Pricing

Integrative Massage

60 minutes

$85 An hour session tailored to your specific needs. This is a good amount of time for a deep-tissue focus session on one issue/injury, or a general Swedish massage for relaxation.

Integrative Massage

90 minutes

$110 The gold standard of sessions, 90 minutes gives us enough time to address specific needs and do some problem-solving as well as promote overall relaxation and well-being by combining deep tissue, neuromuscular work, and Swedish massage.

Integrative Massage

75 minutes

$95 A favorite of athletes and people on-the-go, a 75-minute session is enough time to do a deep-tissue focus on a pressing problem or an entire body workout/event recovery session.

Reiki Session

60 minutes

$95 The ultimate in relaxation without the hassle of lotion or disrobing. Reiki is a gentle art that promotes well-being and healing on multiple levels. Reiki can be given both on or off the body, and does include some off-body energy work.


I do not charge an extra fee for add-on services. In the wintertime, I usually offer hot towels as well as a heated massage table and the option to have a heated blanket. If I feel a session calls for an essential oil application, topical application of a particular liniment, a tool, or targeted stretch instructions to take-home, each of these, offered at my discretion, is INCLUDED in the prices listed above. As always, a sliding fee scale can be arranged, and I do have certain conditions under which I will reduce the per-session price, or comp a session.

Non-discrimination statement:

Earth Hands Studios strives to create an inclusive, supportive, healing environment. EHS does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status in any of its operations. EHS is actively LGBTQIA2S+ friendly. EHS recognizes that we live and work on stolen land, and that reparations and land back are important considerations as we move forward in the 21st century.


Testimonials are in the works!

Check back soon.